pledge: what next?

In June 2012, the UK FCO-funded independent legal report, Children in Military Custody, found Israel in breach of international law and human rights treaties regarding the treatment of Palestinian children in the military court system.

In March, 2013, the UN published its own report, Children in Israeli Military Detention, which came to 38 very similar conclusions and recommendations. These findings are supported by reports from both Israeli & Palestinian advocacy groups on the ground. A recent UN update shows that very little progress has been made in tackling this injustice.

In November 2013, Action 4 Palestinian Children launched a pledge calling on Israel to implement all 40 recommendations in the CIMC report with a letter published in The Guardian signed by over 150 people. In the two months that followed more than 1500 people added their names including 31 MPs and 5 Welsh Assembly Members.

This year, ahead of the second anniversary of the publication of their Children in Military Custody report, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is funding a return visit by the original delegation of UK lawyers to check on progress. Evidence from organisations like Defence of the Child International – Palestine and Military Court Watch shows that there has been little or no substantial change since its publication.

In this UN Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we want to make sure that our political representatives are doing all that they can to press Israel to abide by international law and its human rights obligations. We want to make this year the one where this systematic, brutal treatment of Palestinian children ends.

How you can help:

We need you to write to your political representative and ask them to sign our pledge, or tell you what they will do within Parliament to press the UK government to act on its moral and legal obligations towards Palestinian children.

If they won’t commit to taking action, we want them to tell you the reason why. Then we want you to tell us.

For a model letter, click here: A4PC Model Letter to MPs

Alternatively you can use this email link set up by Palestine Solidarity Campaign: 

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