knocking on the walls of silence


Thank you to everyone who helped make the recent UK speaking tour such a success. Our two speakers, Muhammad Al Rish (ex-child prisoner & journalist at Al Quds newspaper) and Ayed Abu Eqtaish (Defence of the Child Interntational – Palestine) would like us to thank everyone who made them feel so welcome in the UK and enabled them to tell the story of what is happening to Palestinian children in the Israeli military court system.

There were 10 public meetings hosted by a broad range of groups including branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, university Palestine societies, trade union branches, Amnesty & twinning groups. Ayed & Muhammad also addressed the Palestine-UK Social Work Conference in London.

There were very productive briefings with senior lawyers from the delegation that produced the Children in Military Custody report (CIMC) on which our pledge demands are based.

You can read the report here:

They also briefed officials at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, MPs & Lords/Ladies at a Palestine All Party Political Group in the House of Commons, and trade union officers.

Muhammad has sent this message to everyone:

“Thank you for your hospitality and organizing the seminars and meetings. Your work shows the scope of interest in the Palestinian case. For me, the experience was more than wonderful; I’m convinced now of the idea that there are people from the other side of the world knocking on the walls of silence and seeking to spread the fact of crimes of racism and oppression.

What you’re doing for Palestine is a humanitarian service of great people appreciating the meaning of humanity and freedom, and we stand by your side to provide what is necessary for the success of the campaigns organized by you.”

One outcome is that we know the FCO have committed to sending the lawyers from the CIMC delegation back to Palestine in March to check on progress made. This means the government feels under pressure to act on this issue and this only happens because people like you are keeping the issue in the public eye.

Help us keep up the pressure on our political representatives by asking your MP to sign the pledge for human rights for Palestinian children.

You can check if they’ve signed here:

You can ask them to sign here:

Thank you.

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